Identify problems with a car diagnostic test.

We use the latest diagnostic equipment software to quickly identify fault codes given out by your engine management system.

As there are hundreds of error codes, a diagnostic check would be required to discover the extent and cause of any problem.

This means we can ascertain exactly where the fault in your vehicle is as it is important to find the cause of any issue quickly, so that we can repair it and get you back on the road.

To book your vehicle in for a diagnostic check, call us now on 01379 853750

Vehicle Diagnostics Harleston

Did you know?

Diesel vehicles fitted with a diesel particulate filter(DPF) require routine longer runs to invoke a passive DPF regeneration cycle. A continuous sustained run of between 30-50 minutes of A class roads or motorway driving will suffice.

We can identify a problem before something more serious occurs

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