Car Servicing

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A regular service will ensure consistant reliability for your car

Vehicle Servicing

We recommend that your vehicle is serviced at least every year as it can help to reduce running costs and ensure that your car is as reliable as possible.

Servicing includes changing the oil, checking the brakes and making sure that the tyres are safe.

Our commitment to you is that we will look after your vehicle, whether it is a car, van, motor home or motor bike like it’s our own. Our military background is our guarantee that your vehicle is in the best of hands.

To book your vehicle in for a service, call us now on 01379 853750

Did you know?

Maintaining vehicle tyres at the correct pressure ensures not only even wear, but also contributes to optimum fuel efficiency.

Cars, vans, motor bikes, motor homes. For all your servicing requirements, contact us now

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