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We offer a fast and reliable car repair service.

Our workshop is fully equipped with the latest diagnostic equipment to quickly locate faults and repair them.

Whatever the problem you are having with your vehicle, we can fix it here at our unit in Harleston.

Brakes, suspension, steering or tyres. In fact, any car problem you can think of.

No matter what the make or model of your vehicle, we will endeavour to get you back on the road as soon as possible.

To book your vehicle in for a repair, call us now on 01379 853750

Car repairs in Harleston Norfolk

Did you know?

Remember drive belts such as timing belts have a life expire limit as well as a mileage limit. So in some instances these items may not of hit their service life mileage wise, but hit their life expired limit on time.

Cars, vans, motor bikes, motor homes. For all your vehicle repair requirements, contact us now

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