About Shaun and Gary


Why are we together?

Shaun and Gary Hynd

We have personally experienced and heard so many different stories from people being over charged and receiving poor service and in all been disheartened by those experiences.

We have decided to team together and make a difference, to provide a quality service.

We treat people, like we would be like to be treated by others.

Both of us are Ex-military and have overĀ 50 Years combined experience of vehicle and equipment maintenance, along with electronic and mechanical systems engineering, gained from both direct and contractor support of Military Service.

Did you know?

Diesel vehicles fitted with a diesel particulate filter(DPF) require routine longer runs to invoke a passive DPF regeneration cycle. A continuous sustained run of between 30-50 minutes of A class roads or motorway driving will suffice.

Diagnostics, Servicing, Repairs. We can help you to maintain your vehicle

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